You are paying for:

  • Carefully designed and CNC machined aluminum host

  • Step by step instructions on how to solder the electrical components

  • Schematic detailing how to connecting the electrical components

  • Photos and videos of the building process

  • Multiple purchasing links for  all the electrical components as well as for the laser diode the LiPo batteries. (You will receive an email to your mail address with the downloadable link once you complete the purchase)

  • 3D printed front piece that greatly improves the laser beam quality to which you can additionally attach a lens of your choice.

  • STL file of a lens holder in case you want to swap lenses with different magnification.

If you decide to purchase the Aluminium Host, it is recommended that you purchase the rest of the components too. This way you should have everything you need to complete the build by the time that you will receive the Aluminium Host.


40% Discount

Free Shipping  15-45 days ANYWERE on planet Earth!

Whom is this option for?

This option is great if you are on a limited budget and have basic soldering skills. You will spend a bit more time ordering all the components through the links, compared to the other two options, but this is as cheap as it gets.  


What skills and tools do you need?

No need for fancy CNC mill or lathe machines, since we have already designed and machined the aluminum housing for you. You need only a 15$ solder, basic soldering skills and 8-10 hours to order all the pieces and to connect them.



Please note that on top of the price for the Aluminum host, you will need to spend an additional 230$ for the Laser diode and the LiPo batteries.

The reason why we don’t ship these two components is that they are tricky to order in bulk and they frequently get stopped at customs (when ordered in bulk). Additionally, those same customs would not like a full KIT for a laser saber filled with LiPo batteries traveling internationally.

On another hand if you buy them individually one piece at a time there won’t be any problem at the customs at all and you WILL receive those components.


Payment methods

We would rater prefer to be paid with  BTC for multiple reasons (faster, less fees, etc…), but credit card and debit card payments are welcome too.

Technical Specs of the completed 70W model

True Laser Saber Model 70W
Power Output:
70 watts!
217mm x 40mm x40mm
Laser Type:
Direct diode
Laser Body:
6082 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Power Modes:
1.5W (5%) for positioning
70W (100%) max power
Beam Shape:
18mm x 12 mm
Power Consumption:
3.5A at 57V
Power Supply:
High quality Custom 9S LiPo battery ( 65 C)
Battery Lifetime:
Approximately 5 minutes
One main switch and two MOSFET controlled buttons
Duty cycle:
5% – unlimited. 100% – 10s ON / 20 s OFF
Expected lifetime:
1000+ hours