100% FREE Step By Step Manual


    Here you can find free FULL DETAILED instructions on how to build the Laser Saber Model 70W from start to end. No strings attached.


     I believe that information should be shared for free. I want anyone that has the desire but not the budget to to build the laser saber to be able to do so, even if he can not afford to buy any of the paid options that I offer.


        On another hand if you want to support my efforts and make your life much easier, I truly think that the paid options are at a very reasonable price. Please, check them out if you are interested. 


     Buying the Aluminium Hosts and the rest of the components in bulk from a company that CNC them in China (+100 ud. at a time) allows me to offer a price that would be impossible to beat even if you had a CNC mill and lathe yourself. But if you want to experience the full journey of building it all by yourself I sincerely wish you good luck with the build. Enjoy it!


      PD: If you want to download the PDF file of the INSTRUCTIONS in full resolution, click on add to chart below, fill the data (you can put random stuff) and press pay 0.00$. After that a new page will open and you will be able to download the PDF. It will not cost you anything.



Whom is this option for? 

If your budget is null and you happen to have CNC mill and lathe plus the skills needed to run them and if you don’t mind spending 1 week designing and prototyping the metal host this option is the right for you! It might be the hardest option but it is also the most rewarding.


What skills and tools do you need?

You need a CNC mill and lathe, as well as minimal experience with them. It is also by far the most time – demanding option.  



Please note that even if the instructions cost you zero you will anyway have to spend  an additional 200$ for the Laser diode and the LiPo batteries. You will need a Nubm35 laser diode for 160-190$ sold in Ebay/Aliexpress etc… and a “Turnigy” 450mAh 3S batteries (3 in total) that cost around 50$

Technical Specs of the completed 70W model

True Laser Saber Model 70W
Power Output:
70 watts!
217mm x 40mm x40mm
Laser Type:
Direct diode
Laser Body:
6082 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Power Modes:
1.5W (5%) for positioning
70W (100%) max power
Beam Shape:
18mm x 12 mm
Power Consumption:
3.5A at 57V
Power Supply:
High quality Custom 9S LiPo battery ( 65 C)
Battery Lifetime:
Approximately 5 minutes at 100% constant use
One main switch and two MOSFET controlled buttons
Duty cycle:
5% – unlimited. 100% – 10s On / 20s Off
Expected lifetime:
1000+ hours
1 Year