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Do not enter in this website if you are below the 18 years of age. Laser can be very dangerous especially when used by inexperienced person or missuses.

The use of lasers can lead to permanent blindness, severe skin burn, destruction of property ( for example by fire). Also, ultraviolet light has been know to cause skin cancer and eye cataracts.

Do not buy or operate lasers if you are under the age of 18 or if you are an irresponsible person.

Laser pointers are not legal in every jurisdiction. Make sure that you know the laws in your jurisdiction before buying one.

Do not ever take the laser out of your home or point it out of your window.

Always use eye protection goggles rated at least OD 6+ (OD 10+ recommended) for 450nm of wavelength.

Do not point the laser pointer at yourself or another human. Do not point at animals and to the sky. It can distract pilots or drivers on the street.

Do not use this laser to play with your pets.

The lasers on this website are intended to be used only for entertainment, and not for self defense or in any other possible way.

Do not enter in this website if you do not know how to operate a laser or if you are inexperienced with them. This is not a toy by any mean.

Do not give this laser to another person or operate it in the presence of another person under any circumstances, especially without OD10+ rated laser goggles for 450nm of wavelength.

It can burn permanently your retina 100 times faster that you can blink (0.25seconds vs 0.0025 seconds)

The pieces offered in this site may help you build a laser pointer that is more than 100 times above the highest rated power for visible laser pointers – Class 4.

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  • I am above 18 years old.
  • I take full responsibility for the damages or harm or loss of personal property that I can cause intentionally or unintentionally to myself or anyone else.
  • Buying this laser kit does not violate any of the laws in my country or jurisdiction.
  • I am solely responsible for any false disclosures or legal ramifications of buying, or using any product appearing on this site. I further agree that this website will not be held responsible for any legal ramifications arising from any fraudulent entry into or use of this website.
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