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Aluminum Host - V2.0

The Model 70W has been designed to fit the maximum amount of power in the smallest possible volume.  With a length of 210mm and a diameter of 40mm it feels  like a regular laser pointer yet is 10 times more powerful compared to the second most powerful laser pointer commercially available on the planet!  (70W  vs  7W). The 6082 aluminium alloy used to make the host provides excellent heat dissipation for maximum performance.

Circuit Design

The electric circuit comprised of current  regulators gives extremely stable power supply to the laser diode which ensures its long lifetime (+1000 hours). They also offer high efficiency power conversion for a maximum battery life. Power is controlled by MOSFETs for a smooth and trouble-free operation.

The circuit design has additional useful features like real time voltage and tempe- rature monitoring. In addition, it has a general switch and a 5% power mode which is great for positioning the laser beam on a specific target, before the 100% mode is unleashed.


The high quality LiPo batteries offer an unprecedented amount of power for their size. Their very high discharge rate (125 C peak) and fast charge rate (5C) ensures long lifetime as well as fast charging speeds. 


Payment methods

We would rater prefer to be paid with  BTC for multiple reasons (faster, less fees, etc…), but credit card and debit card payments are welcome too.